Scorecard Press Kit

What is Scorecard?

Love playing games with friends and family, but hate fiddling with tiny pencils, notebooks, or dice to keep score? Scorecard is an app that makes it easy to track scores in your favorite games. Enter the name of the game, add players, and start playing! As points are earned, watch as the scoreboard updates instantly to show who’s winning.

If you enjoy playing the same games periodically, Scorecard lets you start new sessions with a single tap. While you’re playing, you can group players into teams, start new rounds, total up your scores, and even AirPlay the scoreboard to your TV. Once you’re done, pick a winner and celebrate your victory by sharing the final tally with your friends on social media.


Pricing and Availability

Scorecard 1.0 is priced at $4.99 USD and available worldwide, exclusively in the Board Games category on the App Store.


Download select assets individually below or get the full kit in a zip file.

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